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Dr. Baohua Yang,  DVM,  Ph.D

Baohua Yang started his professional career in veterinary medicine in 1980 at the School of Veterinary Medicine of Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU). The five years’ veterinary medical school training strongly built up his compassion and responsibility for animals, veterinary knowledge and clinic skills in veterinary medicine.  He received his D.V.M. in July, 1985. In the following years, he completed his master degree and his PHD program. Besides additional clinical training and practicing veterinary medicine, he conducted a research project concentrating on the development of recombinant vaccine to prevent viral infectious disease with molecular biotechnology. He was granted his PHD degree in 1991 and awarded important contributions to the progress in science and technology by National Education Administration (the former of Education Ministry of China) in 1993. The related papers were published in peer-reviewed journals.

     In 1991, he joined Shenzhen import & export quarantine inspection bureau as a veterinarian. Later, he was promoted to senior veterinarian and practiced small animal clinic, farm and large animal clinical quarantine and inspection. He was appointed as deputy director of animal, plant and food-safety quarantine inspection technology center. Due to his important contributions to animal diseases quarantine and inspection scientific technology development, he was awarded as significant contributor in 1996 and recognized as one of the extinguishing members by SZCIQ in 2002.

     In United States, Dr. Yang joined cardiovascular research center at Temple University medical school to study cardiovascular diseases developing mechanisms and published major scientific papers on international peer-reviewed journals. In 2011, he achieved ECFVG (Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) certification and passed his Board. Dr. Yang holds both PA license and OH license. He first practiced veterinary medicine at an emergency animal hospital in Darlington, PA, and later practiced in Philadelphia.

Dr. Yang is an experienced doctor in veterinary medicine for almost 30 years. He has treated varieties of clinic cases in dogs and cats, and takes exotic animal appointments like ferrets, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, skunk, etc. as well. Dr. Yang has a special interest in surgery, which includes C-section, tumor removal, wound repair, urethrostomy, cystonomy, orthopedic surgery, teeth cleaning and dental extractions, declaw, ear crop, spay and neuters, etc. In addition, He has experience in many emergency cases, such as, CHF, HGE, UTB, parvo, toxicities (rodenticide, organophosphate, chocolate, etc), anemia, hypoglycemia, tracheal collapse, seizures, excessive bleeding, accident induced injuries, renal failure, pyometra, hypoglysemia, etc. Dr. Yang also practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Dr. Yang founded Lansdale Animal Hospital in Lansdale, PA in 2013 to provide full quality veterinary services with reasonable prices in a friendly and comfortable environment.

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