Paws Pet Clinic in Ambler, PA
Paws Pet Clinic             in Ambler, PA

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Don't forget to deworm your pets, prevent heart worm disease and control fleas infestation.


Experts recommend deworming your dogs and cats every three months. When did you last have your pet treated? Are your pets on heart worm prevention and flea control? If not yet, Make an appointment today. 


Great news:


1. If only Heart worm test, we offer  at $40.00 without office visit fee whom call us directly.215-855-5545

2.Please bring fecal sample for testing when you visit us.


Information about our office hours:

We just changed office hours and we apologize for any inconveniance for our clients and lovely fur pets. From now on, we only offer veterinary services through appointments. Call first !!



We provide surgeries including neutering, spaying, declawing, ear cropping, puppy tail docking,tumor removing, laceration repairing and other treatment surgeries for bladder stone, hematoma, etc...

Please take a moment to browse through our website, where you will find all of our latest announcements.

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Paws Pet Clinic
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