Paws Pet Clinic in Ambler, PA
Paws Pet Clinic             in Ambler, PA

Our Services

We provide full veterinary services including:

Professional wellness exams;



Dentistry (teeth cleaning, dental care, etc);

Varieties of surgeries(neutering, spaying, ear cropping, declawing,tail docking,tumor removing, wound repairing, surgical treatments for deseases);

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases;


In addition, we provide free consultation for 15 minutes (only for walk-in). If you have any question regarding your pets, give us a call(only through our number215-855-5545) or stop by our hospital and get information from our doctors.


  • General examination and treatment of dogs, cats.
  • We also provide veterinary services for rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents, ferrets, and birds, only through the number 215-855-5545.
  • Immunization of dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets; certificates of health and consultations for international travel
  • Advice on feeding puppies, overweight animals and particular diseases (food allergies, diabetes, kidney and liver diseases)


Laboratory tests

  • Blood,urine and fecal analysis to check for diabetes, kidney disease and more
  • Tests for fungal and bacterial infections
  • Microscopic tests for various parasites in blood, feces or on the skin





Please call 215 855 5545. We're happy to help.

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Paws Pet Clinic
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